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  • Photographic Science and Technology (consulting)
  • Photochemistry (consulting)
  • Phosphorescence (Triplet State), Fluorescence
  • Dye Synthesis, Structure, and Photochemistry
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‘Der Urknall’

Leubner’s Big Bang – Fizzle – Big Bang (BFB) Model

  • The Big Bang Process
  • Origin and Nature of Gravity
  • Stability of the Solar System
  • Photon – Graviton Duality
  • Relativistic Gravity Doubling

Revolutionary re-interpretation of negative Energy and dark Matter – based on established Science

The Big Bang Process:

Energy converted into Particles (Electrons and Protons)

An exciting Application of Crystallization Theory*


  • Gravity = Anti-Energy and Energy = Anti-Gravity
  • Graviton = Photon
  • Relativistic Gravity Doubling
  • Revolutionary Re-Interpretation of Negative Energy and Dark Matter
  • Stability of the Solar and of Stellar Systems, and the Universe

The results and predictions are based on known and experimentally supported science. Results for the stability of the solar system are based on experimental data, without the need for adjustable parameters. Experimental evidence is in agreement with the predictions.

Submissions to science journals, and presentations at science meetings are listed with the abstracts.

I would appreciate science based feed-back.

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Ingo H. Leubner